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Tallinn Evolutionary Landmark


Estonia, which recently became a member of the European Union, has prosper greatly since then; therefore, it needs a landmark that acts as an attraction pole and as main gate or entrance point to this north-eastern part of Europe

Why Tallinn?

Tallinn is the capital and the main port, which most of the tourists enter the country. It has a great cultural and historical interest

Why Port as a Project Frame?

In long-term perspective this area is foreseen as a business, leisure, recreational, open for tourists and citizens, being also a symbol of the city due to its innovativeness.

Why an Evolutionary Landmark?

As far as the city is involved in a radical evolution, we used an evolutionary computation software “GenR(8)” for the form finding process . Therefore by analyzing the results, by running several generations being affected by the environment, we selected the most optimized and adapted shape for the site. Analyzing the shape by the method of experimentation and research, we defined a constructive glass system for a building for the future.







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