2014 Via Construccìon

Ed. Silvia Puig

Grupo Via, Barcelona











2013 Parametric Design for Architecture

Edited by Wassim Javi










2012 Passajes Arquitectura

edited by Jose Ballesteros

Issue Nº119 _Especial Construccion











2012 Mater in progress, Nuevos materiales, nueva industria

Mater Fad, Barcelona













Ed. MC Ediciones,Madrid












2011 PASAJES arquitecture y critica

Ed. Josè Ballesteros

SGEL S.A.,Madrid












2011 Arquitectura y Construcción

Ed. Patrcia Rial

Grupo Tecni Publicaciones, Madrid













2010 PARA-Site: Time Based Formations Through Material Inteligence

Edited by Jordi Truco_ELISAVA











2010 Interactive Enviroments













2009 Diseño Interior














2009 Architecture of Emergence, Design Studios 2006 2009

Ed Jordi Truco, Barcelona












2008 Patent Constructions: New Architecture made in Catalonia

Edited by Albert Ferrer - ACTAR

Book of the projects selected for de Exhibition in the DAM Museum (Franckfort – Deutches Architecturmuseum)












2008 on diseño

Ed. Jordi Ambròs,Spain












2008 b-guided

Ed. Juan Montenegro

B-Guided Magazine,Barcelona












2008 azulejo dc

Ed. Publica s.l., Barcelona












2007 Morpho-Ecologies – Towards Heterogeneous Space in Architectural Design

Ed Michael Hensel and Achim Menges. AA Publications.

Project in book. U.K.












2007 Obras

Ed. Arturo Villegas Rodrìguez, Mèxico












2007 Via Construccion.

Issue March 2007. Nº 42. Grupo Via Editores.

Interview in architectural journal.











2006 EBEN Interiors

Ed. Edicion Lavinia, Barcelona













2006 OficinasIssue

Issue October 2006, Nº 262. Eurocont Headquarters –Office and workshop of the enterprise- Cetisa Editores, S.A.

Project in office architecture magazine. SPAIN.










2006 Responsive Architectures: Subtle technologies 2006.

Ed. Philip Beesley, Sachiko Hirosue, Jim Ruxton, Marion Tränkle, Camille Turner. Riverside Architectural Press.

Project + article in Book. CANADA.











2006 Transformations. Paradigms for Designing Transformable Spaces.

Harvard Design School of Architecture Ed. Konstantinos Ounigris.

Design and Technologies Report Series 

2005-6.Project in book. U.S.A.











2006 Genetic Architectures II : Digital Tools & Organic Forms


Article in Book.












2006 XIIè Fòrum d’Inversió CIDEM. Catàleg de Projectes.

Ed. CIDEM – Centre for the Innovation and Development of the Catalonian Autonomic Government.

Catalogue -book of projects. SPAIN.











2004 l'ARCA

l'Arca Edizioni spa,Milano













2004 AD Architectural Design.Issue May/June 2004, Vol74 No3.

Emergence: Morphogenetic Design Strategies.

Form Generation and Form Finding of Adaptable Structures.

Willey and Sons Ltd.

Project + article in Architectural Magazine. U.K.








2004 Diversifying Digital Architecture.2003 FEIDAD Award Yearbook.

From Form Generation To Form Adaptation

Ed: Yu-Tung Liu, AleppoZONE, NCTU, BIRKHÄUSER-Publishers for Architecture.

Project + article in Book. TAIWAN.










2004 Quaderns d’Arquitectura I Urbanisme.

Issue June 2004, 242:Q2.0. Technique. HybGrid. COAC Publishers

Project + article in Architectural Magazine. SPAIN.











2004 INDE.

Issue July 2004. FFWD Arquitectures Genetiques. COAC Publishers

Article Architectural Journal. SPAIN












2004 II Triennal d’Arquitectura de l’Ebre 2003.

COAC Publishers.

Exhibition Catalogue. SPAIN











2003 AA Files.

No.50. Spring. Morphogenetic Design Experiments -Gen-r(8) Project in Evolutionary Computation.

The HybGrid. The Architectural Association.

Article + project in Architectural Magazine. U.K.











2003 Architectural Association Projects Review 02/03.

Genr(8) Project in Evolutionary Computation. AA Publications.

Project in Book. U.K.











2003 Royal Academy Illustrated 2003: A Selection from the 23th Summer Exhibition.

Ed: Frederick Cuming, Royal Academy of Arts.

Exhibition Catalogue. U.K.










2002 EP[S] - El País semanal

Diario el Pais,SL.Refurbishment of Apartment in weekly magazine. SPAIN













2001 Estilo Clásico

MC Ediciones

Refurbishment of Apartment in interior design magazine. SPAIN



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