Research and practice Bureau of Architecture.


After four years of practice in Barcelona, Sylvia Felipe and Jordi Truco moved to London searching for contemporary influences in their carrier and for new strategies to design in architecture based in research and investigation. During their stage in London they coursed the Emergent Technologies and Design MArch at the Architectural association with Distinction; They continued their dissertation focusing in a responsive and adaptable architecture at University of Reading. In London they also established the relationship with some the most interesting young architects of the new architecture world scene.


Once back in Barcelona they founded HYBRIDa, an Architecture design studio involved in the research for a new adaptive and responsive build environment. The studio focuses on new technologies as a method for design, including computation systems, parametric and associative software, Data Driven Production tools and researching in material technologies.


From the very beguining HYBRIDa has a permanent relation to the academic environment, this fundamental feedback allows the practice being permanently updated and re-loaded with the most contemporary ideas and processes. Jordi Truco is currently the director of ADDA, Masters in Advanced Design and Digital Architecture at ELISAVA Escola Superior de Disseny I Ingenieria de Barcelona, Unuversitat Pompeu Fabra.

Also Sylvia and Jordi have lectured and taught in national and international universities.


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